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About Us

Founded in 2016 by Karine Lachapelle and Gabrielle Tanguay, The Natural Curator is the ultimate shopping destination for all things Natural Beauty.


At The Natural Curator, we believe the power of nature is the only way to improve our beauty inside out. Avoiding any toxic ingredients, Natural Beauty products are now capable to unleash nature’s best and utilize active ingredients in the most impactful way.

Our mission is to establish the new norm in the beauty industry where green beauty equals sophistication. Welcome to the next beauty generation!


Karine and Gabrielle grew up in the same Montreal neighborhood, went to the same all girls school, lived in Paris, studied at the University of the Arts London and simultaneously landed jobs at Net-a-Porter.

Having worked in the Beauty and Lifestyle industries for over 5 years, they strongly believe Natural Beauty products are the future of beauty. They see the internet as the ideal platform to inspire and educate all on the benefits of non-toxic beauty products in order to build a Natural Curator community.

Karine’s knack to know what’s next combined with Gabrielle sharp digital eye delivers the ultimate destination for all things Natural Beauty.

Pssst! We’re just starting up so we can’t wait to hear from you. We take your feelings and thoughts at heart.
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Our Curation Process

Nature First

A green and clean approach by using the best of what nature has to offer us

Our Brands

Brands who cater to the needs of each and everyone to fit their modern life


We bring you the best beauty rituals from around the world


All products are tried and tested for you by The Natural Curator
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