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Magicstripes Trial Pack, 32 x S, 32 x M, 32 x L

Magicstripes Trial Pack, 32 x S, 32 x M, 32 x L

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Magicstripes offers the perfect solution for surgery-free eyelift for droopy eyelids. The trial pack enables you to try out the different sizes to create that fresh, radiant look for an overall younger appearance. Easy to apply and comfortable.
96 units
  • Gives an immediate eyelift to those droopy eyelids
  • The skin friendly silicone strip are transparent, comfortable and last from day to night

  • Remove grease from eyelid
  • Tilt your head slightly backwards while looking into the mirror and holding the stripe
  • Place the stripe in the crease of the eyelid for a magical effect
  • Small stripes (S) are for small eyes or regular correction
  • Medium stripes (M) are for bigger eyes or for reinforced correction
  • Large stripes (L) are for big eyes or for maximum correction

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) film, hot-melt adhesive, PE(Poly Ethylene) film
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